CBEST test prep

The CBEST can be tough. Let an expert guide you through all 3 sections with targeted test prep and support.

For CBEST math and CBEST reading, I make sure you understand any past mistakes and how to fix those mistakes, so you avoid making them again in similar problems or questions. I teach the best strategies and techniques as well as any necessary concept review. For CBEST writing, I assess your practice essays according to CBEST standards and provide feedback and support on how you can improve and strengthen your writing.


Master reading strategies and use time-saving approaches to answer questions correctly.


Review concepts and learn the art of word problem solving so you can tackle every math question with confidence.


Afraid of timed essays? You CAN get over it! Uncover the mystery of effective essay structure and development as well as writing mechanics and fluency.

What Students Are Saying

My family and I appreciate Natalie so much. I recently PASSED my Reading (Score: 44) and Math (Score: 52) section in the CBEST exam!!! She has been very patient with me throughout the entire process of reviewing for my CBEST exam. She has helped and guided me all the way. She has provided me excellent materials that I used to help me review for my exam. The first time I took the test I did not pass, so Natalie provided me additional exercises on material covered between sessions; it is an added plus and surely accelerated my overall progress. She would always remind me to always take my time, read the test questions carefully and double check my answers! During the exam I did exactly what she said and it worked!!! Everything that was on the CBEST exam are the ones we reviewed together. Natalie, you are just THE best, thank you so much for all that you did for me! I will miss our review sessions! I highly recommend her, anyone who would hire her will be in great hands!

Charina O., CBEST Reading & Math prep

My previous CBEST math score had been a 21. I knew I needed extra help and reached out to Natalie. After a few sessions I re-took the test and scored a 43. She was so patient and broke everything down into ways to understand math and its language. Thank you Natalie!

Jessica L. , CBEST Math prep

Natalie is a great tutor. She is very nice, knowledgeable and encouraging. I had a couple lessons with Natalie for CBEST writing. I want to thank her to help me pass my CBEST writing!!!

Victoria C. , CBEST Writing

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