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CollegeBoard, creator of the SAT, offers many CLEP exams as a way for colleges and universities to give students full credit for college courses. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and ace the CLEP you need today!

Natalie recommends the official CLEP guide for practice materials as well as other trusted resources. She works with her students through similar practice questions during lessons so you are fully prepared for your upcoming CLEP test and pass the first time!

CLEP College Algebra

If you have taken Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 in high school, you will feel at ease taking the CLEP Algebra test. It covers all major algebra concepts: algebraic operations, functions, equations, and inequalities. You have 60 multiple-choice questions and a 90-minute time limit, and you are allowed to use an online scientific calculator during the exam. We first do any necessary concept review before drilling through the right practice material, both quantitative questions (operations and numbers only) as well as word problems.

CLEP Precalculus

This math CLEP is different because it is split into 2 sections, one with an online graphing calculator and the other without a calculator. The calculator section has 25 questions and a 50-minute time limit, while the no-calculator section has 23 questions and a 40-minute time limit. While there are multiple choice questions, there also are some questions that require numerical answers. You need to be prepared for the harder algebra, analytical geometry, trigonometry, and function concepts included in this test.

CLEP College Mathematics

With an unusual combination of math concepts, including finance math and logic, this test targets non-mathematics majors. It has 60 multiple choice questions and a 90-minute time limit, and you are allowed to use an online scientific calculator during the exam. The number of concepts you need to understand to pass this test is minimal, and question types are specific. After we review general concept knowledge, we focus on practice questions.

CLEP Analyzing and Interpreting Literature

American and British literature are sources for the 80 multiple-choice questions (98-minute time limit). Like the title of the test says, you have to analyze and interpret various pieces of literature, including fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, by answering reading comprehension questions. After we cover reading strategies, we work on practice questions to get you ready for the test.

CLEP College Composition

This test has 50 multiple-choice questions with a 55-minute time limit and 2 essays, analytical and source-based, with a 70-minute time limit. We review key question types, including grammar rules, editing skills, and research steps, as well as testing strategies and writing analysis. Natalie also guides you through the standards and expectations for both required essays.

CLEP College Composition Modular

This is simply the College Composition CLEP without the required essay section. You have 90 multiple-choice grammar, editing, research, and writing questions with a 95-minute time limit. Natalie helps you prepare for the concepts and practice using the strategies you need to pass the exam.

What Students Are Saying

Natalie provided excellent insight and coaching for the College Composition CLEP. In addition, her essay coaching was spot on. She shared exactly what I needed to hear especially with regard to the timed essays and content. My essay submissions were stronger, clearer, and better structured. She is an excellent coach for the Essay section. I only wish I had sought out her help sooner. I came out of the CLEP testing with 3 thoughts. 1. I did much better because of Natalie’s coaching. 2. I left testing with the sense that some sections were easier than I anticipated. 3. My essays were so much better. I believed I passed!!

Christie W., CLEP College Composition

Natalie helped me prepare for my College Composition CLEP exam. She did an excellent job thoroughly explaining the study guide to me and why the answers are written the way they were. She also had great insight into students like me who struggle with ADHD and gave advice on how to study effectively. Highly recommend her for English and writing!

Alexa R., CLEP College Composition

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