Math tutoring

Practice + patience = success

I believe that math is only as hard as you make it. Poor teaching, bad textbooks, and no confidence are the root causes of mathphobia (fear of math). The good news is that it is easy to cure! Let me guide you and your children through the concepts, one step at a time, until we reach the finish line together. No matter what your math background is, I adapt to your needs!

The basics

We can’t survive without basic math: arithmetic, fractions, decimals, percents and ratios. I help children, teens and adults build their skills and their math self-esteem!


Algebra is the next step up the mathematics ladder, and almost all high schools and colleges have mandatory algebra classes. Master the fundamentals with expert help as you watch your knowledge grow!

Word problems

Do you hate word problems? Do they terrify you? Help is on the way: use my step-by-step process to solve any word problem quickly and easily.


Trigonometry sounds hard, but that’s part of its charm. My goal is to make trig enjoyable and simple to understand so you can remember the concepts going forward.


Precalculus is the final step before calculus – it’s algebra 3 with pizzazz! You get to put all the puzzle pieces together and finally realize what you’ve been preparing for. I offer support and training so you can go out in style!

What Parents and Students Are Saying

My daughter who has been really struggling with math has met with Natalie 3 times, and becomes better and more confident after every session. She says she’s very helpful and feels comfortable speaking up on what she doesn’t understand. Highly recommend her!

Tasha T., High school algebra

Natalie has been working with my daughter on Algebra 2 for approximately 3 weeks. She had her first test at school since the tutoring began. 87% was the score on her test! She had been getting “F’s” on all her tests prior to Natalie helping her. Thank you!!

Kim B., College algebra

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