Tutoring for Teens

High school is where it counts! Grades and academic achievement pave the way to the future, including colleges and careers. I have helped hundreds of high school students with advanced math, writing and test prep so they can ace their courses and be fully prepared for the next step in their education.

Algebra 1 and 2

Algebra 1 is the level of math I’ve studied the longest and tutored the most. After our lessons, high school students gain confidence in their math skills, master concepts, and improve their grades. I focus on the essentials and the simplest methods to make algebra a meaningful stepping stone, not drudgery. Algebra 2 is basically an upgrade of algebra 1 with harder word problems and more obscure concepts, including matrices, conic sections, binomial theorem, and series/sequences. I use mnemonics and other strategies to help my students remember complex rules and patterns so they can easily solve related problems by themselves.

Precalculus and Trigonometry

Precalculus sounds intimidating, but it is actually algebra 3. I help my students with core concepts like functions, graphing functions, trigonometry, and an introduction to calculus. I also walk students through a complete algebra review if they need to refresh their knowledge or have difficult concepts re-explained. For those preparing for calculus, I show them its connection to precalculus and why it is so critical for them to really understand and remember these concepts. For trigonometry, students need to be able to recognize trigonometric identities and quickly formulate them for use in equations, graphs, proofs, and functions. I even have tips and tricks for memorizing the unit circle, converting radians and degrees, and finding special triangle measures. I aim for students to feel secure when dealing with these advanced concepts and confident in using them to solve problems.

Writing coaching

I teach older students the most straightforward strategies to quickly and confidently find the answers in a passage or text. I also work with them to break down complex material into manageable pieces so they can better understand what they are reading. I coach how to brainstorm and create an outline for any assignment; balance sentence structure, word usage and conventions to form articulate paragraphs with transitions; practice self-editing; and correctly follow the format of academic writing at a high school and college level, especially for essays. I also offer writing test prep for most standardized tests.

ACT and SAT test prep

For over 12 years, I’ve tutored many high school students in ACT and SAT test prep. I use different techniques to approach each section, and we focus on concept review, strategies, and time management. I have helped students significantly raise their scores after just 4-5 lessons.

SCAT and CogAT test prep

I provide tutoring for the SCAT and CogAT at all grade levels. Many high school students have worked with me on related practice material and practice questions for math, logic, grammar, spelling, analogies, quantitative reasoning and reading. My CogAT and SCAT students score in the top ten percentiles.

Upper Level SSAT and ISEE test prep

My ISEE and SSAT prep is comprehensive for all sections, including the essay section. Whether students invest months of time in their test prep or spend a few lessons with me to improve their test performance, they raise their scores and become better test takers. One of my most successful SSAT students raised his overall score by 86 points after only 6 lessons, and another scored in the 98th percentile in all test sections. My ISEE students consistently score high with 7s, 8s and 9s across sections.

College counseling

Since I started working as a professional writer and editor back in 2009, I’ve helped many high school students polish their college application essays. Additionally, I’ve coached them through college application questions that require short but powerful responses. I work with your child within the guidelines of every application process so he/she can craft a personal, meaningful presentation of their skills and accomplishments to the college or university of their choice – and be accepted!

CLEP test prep

Created by College Board, the CLEP exams give high school and soon-to-be college students the opportunity to earn college credits for college courses just by taking tests. All you have to do is pass! I offer complete test prep for these CLEPs: College Algebra, College Math, Precalculus, Analyzing and Interpreting Literature, College Composition, and College Composition Modular.

What Parents Are Saying

MICHAEL, College Admissions

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Natalie started working with my son to get his college essays in shape. He is not the most outgoing or enthusiastic, but Natalie really drew out what he was trying to say and got the essays started. Then, a little way in, Liam had a crisis with regards to needing to take the SAT again and get his scores up to be competitive at his top-choice colleges. Natalie stepped right into that role, helped go over what he had missed before and helped him feel confident and ready to retake it. His combined score increased 60 points! I should mention that this is a real feat, as his scores were pretty good already (much better than mine were as a teen!). That put him in range for his top choices, which made him very happy. Finally, it was back to the essays to polish them up, and Natalie again stepped in and now they look great – plus with much reduced friction between kid and parents, which is a huge relief for me! All in all, it was a fabulous experience and I would recommend her to anyone with a kid working through any phase of the college admission process!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Natalie was able to help me formulate smooth essays. She also helped me use better words that made my essays sound formal.

NICOLE, Trigonometry

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Excellent tutor! Natalie explained the trig concepts in a simple manner so it was easy to understand. Very knowledgeable and patient tutor. Wish we would have met her long ago. She was very organized and subject-oriented.

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