I have been working as a professional writer and editor since 2009. I also offer writing coaching and editing services as well as reading comprehension, phonics, grammar, and vocabulary help. I don’t just teach my students how to read and write: I show them how to build on their skills and reach their true potential.




English is my first language, so I have studied it at school and work for many years. I have helped native speakers, children and adults, with all areas of language arts, especially writing, grammar, and reading.



Writing remains one of the most important skills everyone needs to succeed in life. I have worked as a professional writer for more than 10 years, with experience as a script writer, copywriter, blogger, and reviewer. Resume writing, cover letters, personal statements, web text, radio ads, and advertisement are my specialties. Additionally, 7 of my scripts to date have been produced as short documentary films and released on DVD. Since writing improvement is a long-term process, I coach how to brainstorm and create an outline for any assignment; balance sentence structure, word usage and conventions to form articulate paragraphs with transitions; practice self-editing; and correctly follow the format of academic writing at any grade level, especially for essays. I mainly use interactive tools and resources to assist students in elementary school, middle school, and high school. For college and university students, I work with them through regular critiques and feedback to help them strengthen their writing skills. I also know MLA and APA format as well as business writing requirements.

Essay Writing

During all my years of tutoring, I have made a shocking discovery: few teachers in the modern world truly know how to teach writing, especially essays. Many adults struggle to draft essays because they have been misled with the cumbersome “five-paragraph essay structure.” In the words of C.S. Lewis, people are taught how to write essays all their school years, but in the end, “no one wants to read the essays.” That’s where I step in and save the day.

As a professional writer and editor, I have revised countless essays. I walk students through the writing process, one step at a step, and correct or clarify any missteps as needed. They work on their brainstorming, outlining, introduction, thesis, support, conclusion, and finally, self-editing skills. I promote critical thinking and apply this to essay writing so students understand how to organize and develop their own reasoning. I dissect paragraphs for them so they know how to compose a strong, logical composition of sentences. We also focus on writing mechanics, where I guide them through correct grammar usage, sentence structure, punctuation, word usage, and transitions. Adults practice essay writing on a regular basis so they can benefit from my feedback and support. Children work outside of lessons with interactive resources so they can practice their grammar and writing skills independently.

Proofreading and Editing


For over 10 years, I have professionally edited numerous graduate and undergraduate research papers, college essays, college application essays, high school and middle school essays, personal statements, cover letters, resumes, short stories, and scripts. While proofreading is correcting grammar and punctuation mistakes, revision is analyzing content for relevance and text for fluency and clarity (sentence structure, paragraph organization and development). Together, they form the complete editing process, which I teach and demonstrate to students so they can self-edit as part of their own writing process. My constructive criticism always includes detailed feedback and support to help them learn from their writing and improve it. I also offer editing and proofreading services: I have great turnaround and can generally complete edits within a 24-48 hour period (30-minute minimum for all editing projects). I am familiar with MLA and APA format, as well as business writing and copywriting requirements. 




Words are the bricks of any language, so a rich vocabulary builds a strong foundation for word usage in writing, speech, and self-expression. Reading and writing practice are also tools for encountering and remembering the same vocabulary, as regular usage incorporates the words into daily language. I have tutored elementary school, middle school, and high school students in regular vocabulary study and word knowledge for test preparation. My lesson plan for vocabulary includes the practice of new words through different exercises, including but not limited to analogies, synonyms, antonyms, and sentence usage. I also help my students invest in good vocabulary workbooks, flashcards, apps and programs for maximum review and memorization. 




I had spelling, as well as phonics, for 6 years as a subject throughout elementary school. I was also taught how to use reference books like the dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopaedia for research while writing. I have used spelling puzzles, games, exercises, and oral exams with my elementary school students so they can better remember their spelling lists. Since vocabulary is directly connected to spelling, I usually help children and adults with both of these skill areas at the same time. 




Critical reading and reading comprehension stem from critical thinking skills. When tutoring children in reading, I try to use the Socratic method of teaching as much as possible so they can find the answers to questions by themselves and the right answers make sense to them. More importantly, I encourage them to enjoy reading and explore their own creativity. Online tools like ReadTheory and Quill (aligned to the Common Core curriculum) help me assess their reading levels and see which key concept areas they are struggling with. For school or test prep, I teach older students the most straightforward strategies to quickly and confidently find the answers in a passage or text. I also work with them to break down complex material into manageable pieces so they can better understand what they are reading.




The English grammar system is a paradox, simple in structure but the most complex to remember and use correctly. However, strong grammar skills are still essential for moving forward in one’s education and work. I have studied English grammar my whole life and have continued to practice it regularly while working as a professional writer. As a native speaker, I understand the differences between colloquialism and grammatically correct English. While I have helped college and university students with the mechanics of their writing by proofreading their papers, I guide elementary school, middle school, and high school students through age-appropriate grammar practice and review, for personal learning or for test prep. Though I always recommend grammar workbooks for homework outside of lessons, I can assign worksheets or interactive practice upon request. 




As a former book critic for an online-based newspaper, I am familiar with a wide range of books (fiction and nonfiction), especially famous classic literature. I can help students analyze text correctly so they can discuss the content, structure and language usage and form meaningful interpretations for essay responses, college essays, essay preparation for standardized tests, research papers, and book reviews.


Classics and Latin



I studied Classics – the history, literature, culture and languages of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome – from 4th grade until I graduated high school. I also have in-depth knowledge of Greek mythology and Roman mythology, and I am familiar with appropriate versions of famous myths for children and for adults. While I have mainly assisted high school students with Latin, I helped a 7th grader for an entire semester with his Classical Studies course. We worked on reading comprehension, critical thinking responses, geography, and historical timelines for many ancient civilizations, including Ancient Egypt, Persia, and Babylon. In addition to studying Classical Latin for 9 years, I have helped elementary school, middle school and high school students with Latin grammar, vocabulary, and word structure. I work with Latin students on Latin-to-English and English-to-Latin translations, and I’m familiar with many courses, such as Wheelock’s Latin, Henle Latin, and Ecce Romani. Working together, we aim for complete mastery of the Latin language!

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