Test Prep

For test preparation, I focus on concept review, strategy, approach and time management. I’ve worked the most with students preparing for the ASVAB, ACT, SAT, CBEST, ISEE, SSAT and GRE. One student increased her overall SAT score by 100 points after just 8 lessons, while another raised his AFQT score by 15 points and now has a great career in the Air Force. I help students pinpoint their struggle areas and conquer them so they can reach their score goals.

Accuplacer and CLEP


I offer test prep for all sections of the Next-Generation Accuplacer. Accuplacer Reading and Accuplacer Writing are similar to the SAT Reading and Writing sections; I have tutored many high school and college students in reading comprehension, grammar, and writing mechanics for self-improvement and test prep. From basic math to college algebra, all of which I have taught for years, the Accuplacer math section now includes Arithmetic; Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra and Statistics (QAS); and Advanced Algebra and Functions (AAF). With my help, students get to the level they need and place as high as possible in math and language arts. For the WriterPlacer essay, I assess their writing and coach them to be better writers so they can score well. In addition, I prepare students for the CLEP tests, including CLEP College Algebra, CLEP Precalculus, CLEP College Mathematics, CLEP Analyzing and Interpreting Literature, CLEP College Composition and CLEP College Composition Modular. I ensure they are familiar with all the concepts on each test and can apply those concepts correctly to solve related problems and answer questions. I also offer prep for the CLEP essay modules.


ACT English and ACT Writing


The ACT English section tests grammar usage, mechanics, and rhetoric. Students need to understand and recognize correct grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure to score well in this section. I have helped many students with ACT English, targeting concept knowledge and skill application as part of their test prep. They continue to study outside of lessons through a customized test prep routine. For the ACT Writing section, I coach how to write a strong, descriptive, and succinct essay response within the time limit.


ACT Math


The ACT Math section is similar to the SAT math section but with a visible focus on geometry and trigonometry concepts; it also has a more diversified mixture of advanced math problems and a tighter time limit. Out of all the ACT sections, I have worked the most on ACT Math. Students first go through a complete concept review based on their performance in practice material. Then we work on concept-specific practice questions to ensure that they avoid past mistakes and raise their scores.


ACT Reading


I have helped many high school students with ACT Reading prep. Since this section has four passages always set in four predetermined topic areas, I drill students through key question types and testing strategies to strengthen their reading comprehension, analytical skills, and time management. In addition to working through practice tests with me and on their own, they also complete practice homework outside of lessons. Students who committed to their study plans always raised their scores and felt confident about this section.


ACT Science


During the past 10 years I’ve tutored ACT Science prep, I always emphasize that this section does not require extensive scientific knowledge or skills. It tests high school students’ analytical skills, ability to correctly interpret graphs and data, and form conclusions. I help them maximize their reading comprehension skills to glean necessary information and “translate” it into simple instructions that help them find the right answer to a question in less than a minute. Since the ACT Science time limit is the most formidable in the entire test, I also walk students through practice tests to confront any mistakes immediately and correct them so they can learn from the process and be better prepared.




Given my experience in ASVAB test prep, I have tutored students in AFOQT test prep for the Verbal Analogies, Arithmetic Reasoning, Word Knowledge, Math Knowledge, Block Counting and Table Reading sections. Additionally, I have taught analogies, vocabulary, basic math, algebra, and logic across grade levels outside of test prep. I work with students’ current knowledge of math and language arts so they can overcome any obstacles, master key test strategies, understand practice questions, and achieve high scores.




My ASVAB prep focuses on the AFQT (the Core sections): Arithmetic Reasoning, Math Knowledge, Word Knowledge, and Paragraph Comprehension. I tutor children and adults in vocabulary and reading comprehension on a regular basis, but the time limits on the ASVAB requires strategic approach and practice. While I have worked with the majority of students on improving their scores in both these sections, my speciality is ASVAB math. While Math Knowledge is quantitative, Arithmetic Reasoning has only word problems. After concept review, students work with me, step by step, through appropriate practice problems that build their math skills and prime them for the actual test. Committed students have raised their AFQT scores by 15 to 20 points on average and were accepted into the military branch of their choice, ready to pursue their selected career paths.



I have prepared hundreds of students for the CBEST math, CBEST reading, and CBEST writing sections. Students who worked with me have been incredibly successful in raising their scores, by as high as 20 points after 10 lessons. Others finally passed sections they had retaken 3 or 4 times on average. If students are committed to their test prep, I simplify the steps they need to take and show them how to use prep and practice materials effectively to maximize their scores. For CBEST math and CBEST reading, I not only make sure students understand any past mistakes but also how to fix those mistakes and avoid making them again in similar problems or questions. I teach the best strategies and techniques as well as any necessary concept review. For CBEST writing, I assess students’ practice essays according to CBEST standards and provide feedback and support on how they can improve and strengthen their writing.



While I have helped the most students with GED math, my GED tutoring extends to all four sections of the test. Comprehensive preparation includes a special focus on reading comprehension skills and strategies so students can succeed in GED Reasoning through Language Arts (RLA), GED Science, and GED Social Studies. For GED math, students work with me through rigorous practice and review so they are ready to solve word problems and answer questions while under a time limit. Given its similarities to the GED, I also can prepare students for all five sections of the HiSET, especially HiSET math. I am familiar with other ETS testing (GRE, ISEE), and I have tutored many adults in grammar, writing, reading, and all levels of math.




I tutor test prep for the GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment, GMAT Verbal, GMAT Integrated Reasoning, and GMAT Quantitative sections.  In addition to arithmetic, algebra, and geometry review, I have helped students successfully tackle the data sufficiency questions, the most challenging in GMAT math. Critical reasoning, sentence correction, and reading comprehension require thorough grammar and reading comprehension training, where paying close attention to how the questions and answer choices are written is just as important as finding the right answers. For Integrated Reasoning, I assess students’ chart, table, and graph reading skills so they can correctly interpret and analyze given information; we also work on logic and critical thinking when analyzing written arguments for strengths and weaknesses. I always go over structure, organization, development, mechanics, and time management for the GMAT writing section, including how to brainstorm, outline, and self-edit under a time limit.      




The GRE is a complex, demanding test. For over 10 years, I’ve helped many undergraduate students prepare for all five sections: GRE Analytical Writing, GRE Verbal, and GRE math. Concept review and strategic problem solving are part of my approach for Quantitative Reasoning, especially quantitative comparison questions. For reading comprehension, text completion, and sentence equivalence questions, I coach students through them using effective techniques and intensive vocabulary practice. The GRE writing section requires strong critical thinking skills and logical reasoning to achieve a scaled score of 5 or higher. As a professional writer and editor who has tutored test prep for many different timed essays, I clarify the GRE writing standards for students so they can expand their brainstorming and outline process, draft strong responses in minimal time, and strengthen their writing with constructive editing. It is challenging to score high on the GRE, but with organized test prep and a commitment to regular practice, it can be done!




While tutoring middle school math and language arts, I have helped students prepare for all sections of the HSPT, TACHS, and SHSAT. I always start by assessing their concept knowledge, their approach for answering questions, and their testing skills. Then we focus on complete math review as well as reading comprehension, verbal analogies, vocabulary, grammar, and writing. I work with students only on relevant practice material to help them achieve high scores in all test sections. My most recent HSPT student was accepted by the top two schools in his area.




I have helped so many elementary school, middle school, and high school students with test prep for all sections of the Lower Level ISEE, Middle Level ISEE, and Upper Level ISEE. Whether students see me for several lessons to target specific struggle areas or for months to fully prepare for each section, they make progress and increase their scores; even short-term students doubled their scores after a few lessons. During their test prep for the Verbal Reasoning and Reading Comprehension sections, they focus on extensive vocabulary review, sentence completion exercises, and reading homework. Students only succeed in the Quantitative Reasoning and Mathematics Achievement sections after we have completed full concept review and worked through practice material together. Strategy, time management, and test taking skills are also part of our preparation for ISEE math. I especially coach quantitative comparison problem-solving, a question type unique to the ISEE and other tests created by ETS. Additionally, I have helped students strengthen and improve their writing for the unscored ISEE essay section so their submissions highlight their individual voices, talents, and achievements.




With over 10 years of education test prep experience, I tutor students for all three sections of the Praxis Core Exam (Praxis I). In addition to the official online practice material, I use Common Core-based reading exercises and homework to prepare them for the Praxis Core Reading test, while we work through grammar review, spelling, writing mechanics, and editing skills as part of our study plan for the Praxis Core Writing test. This includes comprehensive guidance for the required argumentative essay and source-based essay responses. For Praxis Core Mathematics, students go over key concepts with me before we work together on practice problems, step-by-step explanations, and time-saving strategies.




The PSAT is basically a SAT practice test, an assessment of related skill and concept areas. The only difference between them is test duration times. I’ve tutored middle school and high school students for all sections of the PSAT as a strong foundation for eventual SAT prep. For PSAT Reading, I teach students how to break down each passage, “translate” the questions into simple directions, and apply the best strategies to find the right answers. As well as tips and tricks, we study grammar rules and writing mechanics thoroughly so they can score high in the PSAT Writing section. PSAT Math is the most challenging section because success depends on individual math knowledge and analytical thinking skills. I first walk students through concept review before we approach the different question types they can expect to see in both the no-calculator and calculator sections. We “think outside the box” and use the quickest solving techniques so they are prepared to answer similar questions and finish well within the time limit.


SAT Math


Given my background and experience in tutoring algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and precalculus, I have helped countless high school students with test prep for the SAT math sections. SAT math requires a different way of looking at math problems and applying concept skills to solve them. Students work with me on practice sets and practice tests so they can learn how to dissect problems in a quick, practical way and find the right answers. Their time management and test taking skills improve through regular test prep as they master how to navigate both the calculator and no-calculator sections. I then drill students so they are prepared for the test format and can aim for that perfect score of 800.


SAT Reading


During all the years I’ve tutored high school students for the SAT Reading section, I show them exactly how to break down the material in each passage into plain English, interpret the questions as simple directions, and use the best strategies to find the right answers. We also go over the passage categories and key question types for each category. Throughout our lessons, students work constantly on practice material to exercise their analytical thinking skills and improve their reading comprehension. As challenging as this section is, they can learn how to beat the time limit and still score high.


SAT Writing/Language


I have tutored many high school students for the SAT Writing/Language section. The writing section expects students to understand basic grammar rules and writing mechanics, while the essay section expects college-ready writing skills. Prep includes a review of correct sentence structure, organization, word and grammar usage, and paragraph development. I help students find repeating mistakes, understand those mistakes, and avoid future mistakes through regular drills and practice. I believe anyone can reach a perfect score in this section, so we work to achieve that.




For over 9 years, I’ve helped elementary school, middle school, and high school students prepare for all sections of the Elementary Level SSAT, Middle Level SSAT, and Upper Level SSAT. In addition to reviewing SSAT verbal and SSAT math concepts, students master analogies, build their vocabulary knowledge, sharpen their reading skills, and learn the art of solving word problems. I also guide them through the SSAT essay/short story section so their writing really shines and sets them apart from other applicants. Whether students invest months of time in their test prep or spend a few lessons with me to improve their test performance, they raise their scores and become better test takers.                          




I have been tutoring elementary school, middle school, and high school students in math and language arts for over 10 years. During that time, I’ve also had the opportunity to help them target the skill areas they need to strengthen and improve in order to score high on the STAAR, PARCC, and SBAC tests. I offer test prep for all grade levels and test sections. I also provide tutoring for gifted child testing, including the SCAT, CogAT, and CTP (ERB). Elementary school and middle school students have worked with me on related practice material and practice questions for math, logic, grammar, spelling, analogies, and reading. My most recent CogAT student saw me for almost half a year for CogAT practice and review (5th grade level); he mastered the question types in each section and scored high on the actual test.




I have helped students with test prep for the math and language arts sections in the TEAS and HESI. I also offer TABE prep (all levels and sections). Grammar, vocabulary, reading, spelling, basic math, algebra, and word problems are all subject areas I’ve tutored for over 10 years. Students review concepts, test strategies, and solving techniques to increase their scores. My most recent TEAS student passed the test “with flying colors.” When I helped another student with TABE prep (level A), specifically for the math sections, we reviewed math concepts, did additional practice work outside of her practice tests, and went through practice problems step by step. As a result, she successfully passed the TABE with high scores.

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