Writing coaching

Few people in the world know how to write well. Even fewer can teach others how to write well. Learn from a professional writer and editor who loves writing and wants to share the rewards with you.

Like everyone else, I thought writing was hard, boring, and avoidable. When I started working as an online book critic in 2009, I soon discovered that good writing, like anything else, is a matter of practice. Great writers have talent, but to be a good writer, all you have to do is read and write often.

You also need to have a good teacher who understands the writing process and how to create different forms of writing – essays, stories, research papers, and more. I help children, teens and adults become better writers and free their inner voices as words on paper.

Essay writing

Essays are, without a doubt, the most popular form of writing we learn since elementary school. Many people struggle to draft essays because they have been misled by the cumbersome “five-paragraph essay structure.” That’s where I step in and save the day.

Online writing tools

Not sure about online writing tutoring? I use Google Docs, Writable, Quill and other resources so students can get the most out of their writing lessons and be able to look back at their work at any time. It also helps that typing is much easier than writing by hand, especially when it comes to editing.

Creative writing

Everyone knows how to tell a story, but few feel confident when it comes to creative writing: storytelling, but on paper! I have worked with students on short stories, personal narratives and even novels. We practice brainstorming, structure, character development, and more until they craft the best versions of the stories they want to tell. They build their writing skills while learning how to be better storytellers. Let me help you take your creative writing to new heights!

What Parents and Students Are Saying

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