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Natalie Gorna

Professional tutor, writer and editor

Hello and welcome! I’ve been a math, English and test prep tutor since 2010, and I’ve been working as a professional writer and editor since 2009. I am located in Michigan, U.S.A.

Why you should choose me as your online tutor

I used to tutor only in-person before offering online tutoring as well. I have worked with thousands of students so they can do better in their classes, understand their homework, ace their assignments, and pass tests. I have also assisted homeschoolers, working professionals, and retired military personnel.

Through it all, my goal as a tutor has been steadfast: I help students learn more and make progress in their math and language arts studies.

I know from my own experience how hard it is to learn any subject and how much harder it is to find the right teacher. Now I explain the same concepts I’ve mastered to countless children and adults who need my help. For every student I work with, I customize our online lessons to fit their needs.

My online tutoring is comprehensive and one-on-one. This includes recommended homework, online resources, and enrichment learning. When you invest in my online tutoring services, you get complete support.

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  • Discuss any questions or concerns you may have about online tutoring.

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