SSAT test prep

The SSAT is a top private school admissions exam that is offered internationally. Make sure your child is ready for it.

I offer complete test preparation for all sections of the Middle and Upper Level SSAT. My students are top scorers, 85th percentile or higher.

SSAT prep

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Middle Level

Students in grades 5-7 struggle the most with the verbal section, which includes advanced middle school-level vocabulary and analogies, an analytical question type. The 2 quantitative sections have algebra and geometry concepts, while reading comprehension is set at a 7th/8th grade level. I guide students through all these areas so they can reach their score goals.

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Upper Level

8th grade students and high school students take the Upper Level. All sections are set at a high school level, so that translates into needed concept review and vocabulary study. Using extensive practice and proven techniques, I help my students build their confidence and skills so they won’t feel overwhelmed on test day and can score high.

SSAT essay prep

Being “mini-interviews” that help schools get to know their applicants, students’ submissions need to highlight their individual voices, creativity, talents, and achievements.

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Younger students can choose between a story or personal essay, while Upper Level students must respond to either a personal essay prompt or an argumentative essay prompt. After we decide which prompt category is a better fit for them, we work on development, structure and mechanics.

What Parents and Students are Saying

Natalie’s instruction was and is a game changer. She is actively instructing and coaching my daughter. She is direct and clear and does not sugarcoat. She gives homework and follows up. I am so impressed I am saving her information for my son’s SAT tutor in a few years. She is amazing!!! The best I have found on

Lesli S., Middle Level SSAT prep

“Natalie is an amazing SSAT tutor! She expertly helped my son last year with his SSAT prep, and this year she helped my daughter with her SSAT prep! Each had such a different learning style, and she was able to adapt and help each one of them achieve their dream scores! We are so grateful, and we will definitely want to work with Natalie again when they are preparing for their SAT and ACT tests down the road!”

Cindy C., Upper Level SSAT prep

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