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The CogAT is a “gifted child” test for grades K-12 that focuses on analytical and logic skills instead of concept knowledge. With 9 sections and different question types, you need support you can rely on.

My CogAT students are top scorers. Every child who has worked with me has scored in the 90th percentile or higher. I combine practice and strategy to help them find the right answers the first time.

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For younger children, the CogAT verbal section means matching pictures to words. For students in grades 3 and up, vocabulary knowledge and verbal reasoning connect to analogies, sentence completion and verbal classification. The right study plan makes all the difference.

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This is one of the trickiest sections of the CogAT. Children must recognize the patterns between shapes and apply the same patterns to other shapes. Make sure your children feel confident about figure matrices, figure classification and paper folding, the most visual and hands-on sub-section.

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Number puzzles, number analogies and number series test a number of skills, including how well children can see beyond the numbers. While one of the easiest sections to prepare for, the quantitative section can still be tough in terms of time management. That’s where targeted practice and strategy come in!

What Parents and Students Are Saying

Natalie did a fabulous job helping my son not only achieve, but far exceed his goals on the CogAT test. He learned appropriate strategies, including time management. Most importantly, she focused with him on improving weaknesses and maximizing strengths. His score increased significantly.

Sheila T., 6th grade CogAT prep

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