Online tutoring FAQ

Online tutoring includes:

  • In-depth, customized lessons
  • Complete learning support, including lesson feedback and study/practice plans
  • Homework and online resources aligned with your goals and progress
  • Interactive platforms designed to meet your learning needs

Frequently Asked Questions

How does online tutoring work?

Convenience and accessibility are two of the many pros of online tutoring. You can have lessons anywhere, at any time, and there’s no need to commute. I design my own lessons and customize them to fit the needs of every student. Lessons are always one-on-one. I use Zoom and online whiteboards as needed to make lessons as interactive as possible. For writing, I use Google Docs. All the platforms I use are free and easy to use!

How does scheduling work?

No more back-and-forth messaging or texting about matching availability! You get to choose the days and times we meet by using my booking page to schedule lessons. All lessons are 60 minutes (1 hour) long.

Do you have any policies or fees besides your lesson rate?

There are no extra or hidden fees outside of my hourly lesson rates. For more information about my policies and refunds, please visit my Policies page.

What is the 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee?

Your first lesson is 100% satisfaction guaranteed or it’s free. For more information, please visit my Policies page.

How do students pay for lessons?

I bill through Stripe, where all forms of payment are accepted. Your first lesson must be prepaid and falls under my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. All other scheduled lessons are billed at the time of booking or are prepaid in advance and fall under the terms of my cancellation policy. See my current rates on my Pricing page and my scheduling policies on my Policies page.

Can you really learn online as much as you learn in-person?

Absolutely! Online tutoring is different from in-person tutoring, but it is in no way inferior. Online lessons can be even more productive and focused. For example, young children go through a variety of activities during our online sessions to hold their short attention span, and we can get much more done in 1 hour of online tutoring than we ever could in-person.

How do you determine or assess where students need help?

I do ask all students what they have been working on at school, their academic performance in math or ELA, any specific struggle areas or special needs, what they’ve done so far for test prep, upcoming test dates, etc. Depending on a student’s grade level or age, I also use a variety of online assessments and placement tests, and I require all students interested in test prep to take a practice test before our first lesson. Anything you feel I need to know before we start lessons β€” please tell me. I do my best to accommodate everyone.

Do you have any expectations for the students you tutor?

I expect commitment. For test prep, that means sticking to a reasonable, regular study and practice plan with reachable goals and not slacking. For all other other tutoring, that means doing homework that I send or exercises I assign to keep up skills practice and concept review. Parents need to be accountable for their children’s progress, and adult students need to be responsible for their own progress.

Do you provide any materials or resources?

I do my best to provide free practice tests, worksheets, and online resource access to each and every student. I recommend homework as well for maximum learning reinforcement. I also ask students to purchase outside resources (workbooks, textbooks, or test prep books) as necessary.

What about technical issues?

Technical issues can happen. I do my best to work around any issues and make up for lost time if possible, whether there are problems on the student’s side or mine.

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