My Math Tools: Graphing Systems of Inequalities

coordinate graph system

Graphing systems of equalities is a concept that pops up in algebra 1, algebra 2, and in college and university, beginning and intermediate algebra classes. The method most textbooks and instructors use to graph inequalities is so painful because it takes so much time, effort, and sheer arithmetic. Graphing systems of inequalities is like climbing Mount Everest!

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My Math Tools: Lattice Multiplication

Multiplication is a brilliant shortcut for addition. Long multiplication, on the other hand, can seem like tough math love because the most popular method, “block” form, is tedious and prone to arithmetic mistakes. That is where lattice multiplication comes in to save the day.

Stop Using the 5 Paragraph Structure

5 paragraph structure example

The 5 paragraph structure is a timeless teaching and brainstorming tool to show young students how to form an essay. The first paragraph is the introduction with the classic thesis statement, while 3 middle paragraphs are the support and the fifth, final paragraph is the conclusion. Hence, the 5 paragraphs. The name is self-explanatory!

However, this outline is not meant to be used beyond high school.

Many college students and adults I tutored were all under the false impression that there is no other way to write essays. Furthermore, the 5 paragraph structure became an obstacle hindering the development of their writing potential. How did a simple technique turn into such a problem?

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The Secret to Passing the CBEST

cbest test logo

Passing the CBEST is a challenge for the majority of test-takers. When I started tutoring back in 2010, my first encounter with CBEST test prep was to help a student pass the math section. Over the years, I extended my knowledge and expertise to tutoring the CBEST reading and writing sections as well. In my experience, most of my students struggled to pass one or more sections of the test. Some were aspiring teachers or substitute teachers, while others needed to pass it for their jobs. A college-level exam was turning their dreams into nightmares!