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Almost everyone’s fear of math comes down to some basic math skills that overwhelm them. For 95% of people, that always includes solving word problems. Soon, they lose confidence and give up the fight because no one explains the steps or schools move too quickly through important concepts. For many adults and teenagers, this leads to huge challenges down the road, like algebra. I can relate because that was once me, too. I struggled with math and needed that extra support – and someone was there to help me get back on track. Since 2010, I’ve been paying it forward by helping children, teenagers and adults strengthen their basic math skills and conquer higher math with simple, straightforward techniques and examples. My motto is “Practice makes perfect,” the core of my teaching methods.

On the other side of the spectrum, I also tutor reading and writing. Teaching how to write well and thoughtfully is, to me, a lost art. It is rarely done effectively, and most students who come to me for writing coaching are confused, stressed and exasperated. My main focus is showing them how to organize their thoughts and flex their writing muscles so they can see real improvement. With my support, children develop their skills, teenagers build on what they already have learned, and adults reach true proficiency. Writing ties directly into reading comprehension, and both are the heart of everything else (grammar, vocabulary, public speaking, phonics, spelling). Seeing my students become assertive writers and readers through their own efforts is my favorite part of tutoring!

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“Natalie is a great tutor, very helpful, and makes sure her students understand the material they bring to her. Anyone would be lucky to have Natalie as a tutor!”

~ Ryan, College Algebra

“Natalie is by far the best and most capable tutor I have worked with in the past. I am so confident in Natalie’s ability to help in any subject that I will reach out to her my next class. She is really that good and I’m thankful I found her.”

~ Tom, Writing

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K-12th grade, college and university students

With over 2500+ hours of math tutoring experience, I have worked with so many students in 1st through 12th grade, college and university on basic math, all areas of algebra, geometry, trigonometry and precalculus. Applying these concepts to confidently solve basic, intermediate, and advanced word problems is another critical math skill that I teach. I try every method and “shortcut” until students really understand what they are learning and how to use this knowledge to help themselves in or outside of a classroom.


K-12th grade, college and university students

When tutoring children in reading, I try to use the Socratic method of teaching as much as possible so they can find the answers to questions by themselves and the right answers make sense to them. I encourage them to enjoy reading and explore their imaginations. Older students learn the most straightforward strategies to quickly and confidently find the answers in a passage or text. I also work with them to break down complex material into manageable pieces so they can better understand what they are reading.


K-12th grade, college and university students

With 11+ years of experience as a professional writer and editor, I coach students how to brainstorm and create an outline for any assignment; balance sentence structure, word usage and conventions to form articulate paragraphs with transitions; practice self-editing; and correctly follow the format of academic writing at any grade level, especially for essays. Grammar, vocabulary and spelling are other focus areas as well. I mainly use interactive tools and resources to assist students in elementary school, middle school, and high school. For college and university students, I work with them through regular critiques and feedback to help them strengthen their writing skills.

Frequently Asked Questions
How does online tutoring work?
Convenience and accessibility are two of the many pros of online tutoring. You can have lessons anywhere, at any time, and there’s no need to commute. I use Zoom for audio calling, and I use Bitpaper or Google Jamboard for an interactive whiteboard. For writing, I use Google Docs. All the platforms I use are free and easy to use! I provide all the links you need, and everything (except for Zoom, which must be pre-downloaded and installed) loads in your browser like a normal webpage. I design my own lessons and customize them to fit the needs of every student. Lessons are always one-on-one.
How does scheduling work?
It’s fast and easy through 10to8.com. No more back-and-forth messaging or texting about matching availability! You get to choose the days and times we meet.
How does payment for lessons work?
You pay as you go! Choose when you would like to meet, on a weekday or on the weekend. Each scheduled lesson is prepaid, and I bill through Stripe, where all forms of payment are accepted.
What is the 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee?
Your first lesson is 100% satisfaction guaranteed or it’s free. All lessons are refundable under the terms of my 24-hour cancellation policy.
Do you tutor USA-based students or international students?
Both! I’ve helped students from around the world, including Canada, UK, and Europe. International students, please contact me directly about special pricing.
Do you also offer group tutoring?
Yes, I use Google Meet for group tutoring. Please contact me for more information and special rates!


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