ISEE test prep

The ISEE is a top private school admissions exam created by the ERB. Make sure your child is ready for it.

Natalie offers complete test preparation for all sections of the Lower, Middle and Upper Level ISEE. Her students are top scorers: 7s, 8s and 9s across sections.

ISEE prep

Lower Level

Students in grades 4 and 5 prepare for middle school-level vocabulary and math knowledge, as well as reading comprehension. From the start, we focus on developing good test-taking skills that boost scores and time management in all 4 sections of the test.

Middle Level

The Middle Level is only for students in grades 6 and 7. They are tested on comprehensive middle school-level math, vocabulary and reading. During lessons, we work on extensive vocabulary review, sentence completion exercises, and reading homework. To ace the Quantitative Reasoning and Mathematics Achievement sections, we do any necessary math concept review and then work through practice material together.

Upper Level

For students in grades 8 and up, the Upper Level features high school-level math, reading and vocabulary. Strategy, time management and test-taking skills are the core of our preparation for the math, verbal and reading sections. Natalie especially coaches quantitative comparison problem-solving, a difficult question type for many students.

ISEE essay prep

Being “mini-interviews” that help schools get to know their applicants, students’ submissions need to highlight their individual voices, creativity, talents, and achievements.

The personal essay prompt helps students introduce who they are and what is important to them. I support their writing with constructive critiques and a detailed overview of essay standards, structure and writing mechanics. We also practice the timed essay approach.

What Parents and Students are Saying

Natalie’s experience with ISEE and the various texts, apps and other studies guides and insights immediately made us feel like we had definitely made the right choice for tutoring. My daughter loved her approach and ability to personalize the session which instantly made her feel comfortable and eager to work. Highly recommend her.

Tammy R., Upper Level ISEE prep

“My daughter worked with Natalie over the period of a little over a month to prepare her for the Lower Level ISEE. She was picking up after we had worked with a prior tutor who became suddenly unavailable. She was able to seamlessly pick up where our old tutor left off and help immensely to increase her verbal and reading comprehension scores primarily. We focused on reading comprehension and sentence completion and Natalie’s strategies were excellent and motivating for my daughter. Also, Natalie is extremely responsive over Wyzant. She reviewed prior testing, recommended books, made mid-week check-ins, and analyzed her progress. She was always available in between sessions and really cares about the student’s progress and building up confidence. I would highly recommend.”

Laura D., Lower Level ISEE prep

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